This is a page where I will occasionally leave extracts and hints about current work in progress (WIP as it’s known to writers…!)

I was asked recently by Emma from the book blog My Book Corner for a sneak preview of my latest wip – if you want to read the whole interview it’s here: http://www.mybookcorner.com.au/articles/1234-cj-busby

So, as promised, here’s a short extract from SHOE BOX GODS, currenly on submission., It’s based on the idea that Loki, Thor, Freya, Odin, Tyr and Sif all get blasted into our current world by the frost giant, Thrymnir – and not only are they hurtled millions of years/miles away from Asgard, they are turned into small plastic action figures – who just happen to be bought at a car boot fair by a boy called Ben… Read on!


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