The AMBER series


The AMBER series is a trilogy aimed at slightly older readers than the SPELL series (around 8-11). In the first book, Deep Amber, a rift has opened between two worlds – our modern world and a medieval world of castles and magic. Simon and his sister Cat discover a medieval sword in the middle of their stairs – and meanwhile, apprentice witch Dora finds Cat’s swimming goggles on the turret stairs of Castle Roland. What’s going on? Does Great-Aunt Irene’s jewellery box contain the deep amber that’s causing the rift? And will Dora and castle kitchen boy Jem join forces with Cat and Simon to find the jewel before it’s too late?

“A rift hopping romp with real charm, wit and pace” Frances Hardinge, author of Fly-By-Night.

The second book, Dragon Amber, follows the foursome as they search for a another piece of deep amber, this time in a desert world of dragons and mysterious labyrinths. The final book, The Amber Crown, sees them join forces to try and prevent Lord Ravenglass forging the Amber Crown and remaking all the worlds.


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