Deep Amber



untitledA rift has opened… Worlds are colliding… And a knight on horseback has been spotted in Wemworthy town centre. Could mysterious substance deep amber be the source of all the chaos?

Deep Amber is the first of a new trilogy, set partly in the modern world, and partly in a world of magic, knights and castles…


Objects are somehow slipping through a rift between the worlds. Apprentice witch Dora finds a pair of plastic swimming goggles on the turret stairs – while Simon, who lives in an ordinary house in Wemworthy, finds a medieval broadsword lying in the middle of the staircase. It isn’t long before Simon and his sister Cat are receiving strange visitors who are very interested in them and their house. Meanwhile Dora is sent off from Castle Roland with kitchen boy and professional trouble-maker Jem to take a message to the queen’s nephew, Lord Ravenglass. Will Dora and Jem make it safely through the Great Forest? Will Cat and Simon stay free of the terrifying, black-suited Mr Smith and Mr Jones? And is anyone going to deal with the deep amber that’s causing all the mayhem?

It’s down to Cat and Simon to join forces with Dora and Jem and investigate. But can they mend the rift and find the deep amber before it falls into the wrong hands?

Deep Amber was published in March 2014 by Templar. It was shortlisted for the Stockton Best Book Award.


Deep Amber has pace, humour and inventiveness… This is an adventure, the writer seems to say: here are runes and swords and incredibly stupid knights in armour – enjoy! There’s a crackle of magic in the atmosphere and a rapidly thickening plot which promises well for the subsequent volumes. I look forward to them.

Julia Jones on ABBA Reviews

The perfect adventure book and one that I could imagine being made into a children’s animation film one day. 

Review by Fay on A Daydreamers Thoughts

This is a great tale, which builds in intensity as the story unfolds. The twist at the end was completely unexpected and I cannot wait for part two to be published. For children who have not been introduced to the genre of fantasy, this would definitely be a great book to begin with.

The School Librarian

A rift-hopping romp with real charm, wit and pace.

Frances Hardinge, author of Fly-By-Night


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