Dragon Amber

DRAGON-AMBER_cover-01DRAGON-AMBER_cover-01When apprentice witch Dora and castle troublemaker, Jem, find out that another piece of deep amber is hidden in the Akkadian Empire, they follow the Druid on his quest to find the precious stone. But Mr Smith and Mr Jones are after the dragon amber, too, and the Druid has some old enemies in Ur-Akkad… Meanwhile Simon and Cat are in the Great Forest. When Simon stumbles across a link to another world, he sees his father – alive, but trapped. To rescue him, they must risk taking their amber into Lord Ravenglass’s palace… But can their father really be alive? Or are they making a terrible mistake?

Dragon Amber is the second book in the Amber series, and came out in September 2014.


DSCF3127Five children in Torrington (where I live) very kindly read the first draft of Dragon Amber and gave me some useful feedback on it. A lot of nuts and flapjacks were consumed while they told me what they thought! Here are some of their comments afterwards:

Flower: I can’t wait for you to write the next one!

Leo: I would give this 9 out of 10 (only because it would be better with some illustrations!)

Jake: I really liked Frizzle [a new character who comes into Simon and Cat’s house by accident from another world] because of the way you described him!

Molly: I loved all of your books, but I think your new series is the BEST yet! My favourite character in Deep Amber is Frizzle because he’s funny. (P.S. I was not bribed with nuts to write this, by the way… But I am really full now!)

Izzy: I especially liked the bit with the dragon and I thought Mr Smith and Mr Jones were very sinister. I also liked Frizzle.

So, that’s a big thumbs up for Frizzle, a funny creature from another world, who is like a small furry tennis ball with wings. I’ll have to find him some more things for him to do in the story!


There’s a lovely review on Amazon by Stan (age 8):

I really recommend this series of books because of so many reasons.
1. There’s labyrinths, dragons, knights, magic, portals, shape-shifters, forests and different worlds!
2. I liked how the different worlds got a bit mixed up – so that Dora and Jem (from a medieval world) travel around in present-day London.
3. Great cliff hangers.
4. Really, really imaginative.
5. Great chases, for example, when doctors were chasing after Dora, Jem, Ananna and the Druid.
I couldn’t wait to read the next chapter – I wanted to carry on reading it forever. If you love magic and castles, crazy mixed up worlds and portals, this is the book for you.
This book is the second in the Amber series. I thought it couldn’t get better after reading the first one, but I was wrong!
Now I can’t wait for Book 3, the Amber Crown, coming out in March 5th 2015! I got my Mum to pre-order it!


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