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CJBusbykidsI love visiting schools. I really enjoy meeting children and they always come up with amazing ideas for writing their own stories.

I have visited schools all over the country, mostly Year 3-6,  but I have also done writing workshops for secondary age pupils. I have done events in a number of Hackney primary schools for World Book Week with the wonderful Pop-Up Projects and that’s always lots of fun because the whole class has read – or is reading – my book when I visit!


When I visit, I usually do an assembly with the whole school, where I talk about my books and being a writer. Then I spend time in individual classes and we make up stories, or invent some strange and wonderful characters or play around with words for fantastically inventive spells. I have probably heard more totally disgusting ideas for spell ingredients than anyone else in the country!

kidsspellIf you would like to enquire about booking a visit, please contact me. I am generally available for visits anywhere in the country, although I am based in Devon, so visits to schools in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset will be at a lower rate. I can also visit schools around the London, Oxford or Lewes/Brighton area without needing to charge for overnight expenses. Schools are also welcome to join together and book me for a half day in each!

HalloweenWFCI don’t just visit schools – I am also happy to do events in bookshops or libraries, and have run workshops at the Hay Festival, Oxford Bookfeast, Edinburgh Literary Festival, and Cheltenham Festival. Sometimes, I even dress up – as you can see in the photo below (this is me and two other children’s authors, Katherine Roberts and Teresa Flavin, at the wonderful Book Nook bookshop in Hove this Hallowe’en).

For further information on the kind of workshops I run, or an exciting new opportunity for classes to write and publish a book, see Workshop Details.


What people have said about my visits:

“Cecilia’s sessions were wonderful – a perfect mix of material to inspire, inform and entertain” Celia MacLachlan, Oxford Bookfeast Organiser

 “Children were eager to go and write their own books straight away! A highly valuable visit” (Literacy Coordinator, primary school)

“Students spent informative and often hilarious sessions bringing to life storybook characters which have been used subsequently in some hugely successful pieces of creative writing” (Head of English, secondary school)

“The assembly was inspiring … and they had such fun in their year group workshops creating their imaginative spells and describing everyday objects as if a visitor from another world! Feedback from the teachers was that it was one of the best author visits they had experienced.” (School Librarian, primary school)

“Today was one of the best days of the year. I would give it 11 out of 10” (Year 7 boy)


me at Millfields

C J Busby author visit 002



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