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Here you can see details of some of the workshops and projects I offer. I usually run creative writing sessions but can also offer story-telling sessions for classes, schools or festivals. For more general information on school visits see the School Visits page, here.



For schools in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset I can work with a class or group over a period of 6 weeks to write and publish their very own book.

Over a series of morning sessions the class will plan, draft, write and edit a full book, which will then be published on Amazon and available to buy as a print copy for approximately £2.75, or a kindle e-book for £0.99.


Level Complete, a short novel about the adventures of two school pupils trapped in a video game, was written by students from Cullompton Community College and four of their feeder primary schools. It is currently available on Amazon, here.

“The children really enjoyed being part of this project – they talk about it enthusiastically and are really keen that people see the finished product!”

“They have come up with some amazing ideas and learned a huge amount about producing a sustained piece of writing. They are really proud of their book!”



I am happy to plan workshops around your school’s needs in terms of age/number of children and length of workshop. However, here are some examples of workshops that I have done very successfully in a number of schools.

SPELL WRITING WORKSHOPExploring unusual and wonderful words for making magic spells.

ALTERNATIVE WORLDS: What’s it like through the portal? Inventing strange new settings.

FLEX YOUR WRITING MUSCLES: Writing is like any skill – practise makes you better, and this series of quick-fire, fun exercises limbers up children’s writing brain and develops their creativity.

WRITING CHARACTERS: How to make characters that walk off the page.

SHORT SHORT STORIES: Plots and twists in tiny tales.

Workshops generally run for an hour and I am happy to work with one or two classes at once if there is a big enough room and support from teachers/assistants. They encourage children to get writing, to share their work and to enjoy playing with words and ideas. The children really gain in confidence and enjoy the knowledge that they are working directly with a published author.


I can offer story-teling sessions as part of a school visit or as an option for festivals. Stories of King Arthur, the Norse gods, the Greek heroes and other tales of mystery and magic hold children spell-bound, and as they are listening and engaging with these classic tales they are learning the shape and dynamics and drama of a good story. The sessions can lead to drama activities, art, retellings or spark off ideas for their own stories.


Please contact me for further details.


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