Cauldron Spells


untitledMax Pendragon is not looking forward to attending Morgana le Fay’s Spell School. Not only is his cauldron producing slime instead of spells, but ever since he and his sister Olivia foiled Morgana’s evil plot against King Arthur, they know she’s been desperate for revenge.

With the help of Merlin and a mysterious bard, will Max and Olivia be able to outwit Morgana and save King Arthur for a second time?


The second book in the SPELL series, Cauldron Spells, follows Max and Olivia up to Lady Morgana’s castle in the misty lakeland of Gore. Olivia is determined to become a squire, and she’s extracted a promise from Sir Bertram – if she can win the squire’s challenge, he’ll let her train. Meanwhile Max will be allowed to train as a wizard if he passes Lady Morgana’s summer school with flying colours. Max and Olivia both have something to prove, but with Max’s cauldron bent out of shape, and the bullying squire Mordred out to get Olivia, things are not looking good. And it seems Morgana has plans to defeat Arthur once and for all. Can they find out what she’s up to, before it’s too late…?

Cauldron Spells was published in January 2012 by Templar. It was a Summer Reading Challenge read for Summer 2012. Like Frogspell, it is perfect for independent readers of 7-10, and appeals to both girls and boys.


Take a dollop of Arthurian legend, add a couple of kids and a dragon called Adolphus and mix it all up in a magical cauldron. What do you get? A spellbinding recipe for a hysterical series. Read it because… like all the best fantasies, it’s fast, far-fetched and furiously funny.

Daily Mirror

Packed with magical mishaps, exciting quests and lots of humour!

The Bookseller

Cauldron Spells is a cute funny, adventurous read … the characters were fantastic! A brilliant little book .

Review on Bookster Reviews (click here to read the full review).

The characters are just as awesome and fun as they are in Frogspell … I loved the relationship Max and Olivia have with their father which is built up a bit more in this book and I really enjoy Merlin’s input … It hits the nail on the head with a fun adventure that has silly bits to laugh at and girls and boys will both love it!

Review on Readaraptor (click here for full review)


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