untitledMax Pendragon is probably the worst squire in King Arthur’s kingdom – he’d much rather ran to be a wizard instead. So when he accidentally invents a spell that turns people into frogs, it seems his wish might come true.

But events take an unexpected turn when Max enters the Novices’ Spell-Making Competition and finds himself helping Merlin fight an evil sorceress. There’s no way Max’s unpredictable frogspell could be of any use. Or is there…?

The first book in the SPELL series sees Max, his sister Olivia and their pets, Adolphus the dragon and Ferocious the rat, coming up against Morgana le Fay for the first time. Max’s biggest enemy, Snotty Hogsbottom, and his father Sir Richard, are helping Lady Morgana with a wicked plot against King Arthur, and it’s down to Max and Olivia to save the day. With a little help from Merlin, and Max’s frogspell potion…

Frogspell was published in September 2011 by Templar. It was a Richard and Judy Children’s Bookclub choice for Spring 2012, and shortlisted for the Fabulous Book Award 2013. It is perfect for independent readers of 7-10, and appeals to both girls and boys.

Frogspell is also available as an audiobook (cd) from Oakhill or a download from Amazon.


Great fun – made me chortle!

Diana Wynne Jones

Frogspell is funny, kooky and full of endearing characters or all shapes, sizes and disguises, and I can’t wait for the next one! Illustrations by David Wyatt at the start of each chapter add to the story and make it that much more magical. It’s a brilliantly fun book and if Adolphus ever needs a new home, please send him over to me!

 Review on Wondrous Reads (click here for the full review)

This book is absolutely adorable. Written for the younger reader, there is a lot of humour geared towards kids and even I found myself chuckling along. David Wyatt’s illustrations are delightful and add to the story nicely. The characters are lively and varied, my absolute favourite being Adolphus, Olivia’s pet dragon who is most definitely two sandwiches short of a picnic and afraid of heights. If you’re looking for a fun and quick read, perhaps aimed towards young kids, I would definitely recommend Frogspell. It has bursts of humour which will have you giggling, adventure, magic, and a very silly pet dragon. What’s not to love?

Review on Once Upon a Time (click here to see full review)

I loved this little book. Perfect for those children just coming into reading ‘proper’ books All By Themselves, it’s cheerful and quaint and funny. It has a lively feel about it and readers will dance right through its pages. Busby hits exactly the right notes – she has well-rounded, loveable characters, in particular a super reluctant hero in Max. She has a great sense of humour that will make the kids guffaw and the grown-ups offer a wry smile. And her magic blends seamlessly with the adventure. David Wyatt’s illustrations cap each chapter perfectly, too, with energy and pizazz.

Review by Jill Murphy on The Bookbag (click here to see the review).


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Click on the picture of Max to find out more about the characters. Click on the Frogspell sign to go to the official website, where you’ll find character cards and other downloads. And click on the potion bottle to read an extract from the book.


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